Mimesis started in 2005 as the imprint under which Open Books published its art books.

The Mimesis list has been growing and diversifying over the years and now features a broad range of art publications on fine arts and contemporary art, design, architecture, photography, cinema, performing arts, illustration, cartoons, graphic novels, autobiographies (Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright, Man Ray), as well as Korean and foreign non-fiction and short fiction.

Mimesis has been praised for the quality and originality of its catalogue and the pioneering role it is playing in art publishing in Korea. Its publications have earned recommendations from the Korean Ministry of Culture & Tourism in 2006 (The Book: A History of the Bible) and 2007 (Art History: An Introduction). The translation of the Andy Warhol Diaries won the 50th Korean Publishing Culture Award for Best Editing in 2009. The Korean Advisory Committee for Publishing selected Gehry Talks: Architecture and Process, a Mimesis publication, as its book of the month for January 2010.

Over the years, about 200 books have been published in the Mimesis collection, and many titles are currently in preparation, including books on architecture and design as well as more graphic novels. In 2019 and onwards, Mimesis will continue to explore the world of art in its broadest sense and to add more inspiring works to its eclectic and colorful catalogue.

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Art History, Essays and Biography
2006 Giorgio Vasari by Roland LeMolle
2006 The Book: A History of the Bible by Christopher De Hamel
2006 Art and Feminism (Themes and Movements) by Helena Reckitt & Peggy Phelan
2007 The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol
2007 Art History: An Introduction by Daniel Lagoutte
2007 The Artist's Body (Themes and Movements) by Tracey Warr
2009 The Andy Warhol Diaries by Andy Warhol
2011 Ai Weiwei Speaks by Ai Weiwei and Hans-Ulrich Obrist
2012 Manifeste du surréalisme by André Breton
2014 Ai Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews and Digital Rants, 2006-2009 by Ai Weiwei & Lee Ambrozy (ed.)
2016 History of Philosophy in Art by Kwang Rae Lee (in three volumes)

2005 I Want to Change the World by Karim Rashid
2005 The Furniture Book by Shigeru Uchida
2006 Starck by Conway Lloyd-Morgan
2008 Design Your Self by Karim Rashid
2011 The Geometry of Pasta by Caz Hildebrand & Jacob Kenedy
2012 Penguin 75 by Paul Buckley
2014 Art of McSweeney's by McSweeney's
2014 Le style Eiffel by Martine Vincent (ed.)
2014 Made in Japan by Naomi Pollock
2016 L’art du design by Dominique Forest (ed.)

2006 Frank Lloyd Wright: An Autobiography by Frank Lloyd Wright
2009 Words and Buildings by Adrian Forty
2010 Gehry Talks: Architecture and Process by Mildred S. Friedman
2010 Frank Lloyd Wright: Master Builder by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer & David Larkin
2010 Louis I. Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture by David B. Brownlee & David G. De Long
2011 House 1969 → 1996 by Tadao Ando
2011 Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger
2012 Steven Holl: Architecture Spoken by Steven Holl
2015 Torre David: Informal Vertical Communities by Alfredo Brillembourg (ed.)
2016 How Architecture Works by Witold Rybczynski

2005 Self Portrait by Man Ray
2006 Sexually Innocent by Kim Joong-Man
2010 Nude Photography by Pascal Baetens
2011 Controverses by Daniel Girardin and Christian Pirker

2006 La couleur des mots by Marguerite Duras et Dominique Noguez
2015 The History of World Cinema by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith (ed.)

Performing Arts
2007 The Musical from Inside Out by Stephen Citron

2005 Several illustrated albums by Jean-Jacques Sempé and Edward Gorey
2005 Snowcat books by Kwon Yoon-Joo.
2012Sempé à New York by Jean-Jacques Sempé.
2012 Masters of Fashion Illustration by David Downton
2013 Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page by Matt Kish
2013 L'étrange beauté du monde by Frédéric Pajak & Lea Lund
2013 Print & Pattern 1 & 2 by Bowie Style
2014 Enfances by Jean-Jacques Sempé

Comics & Graphic Novels
2007 2-volume collection of works by Reiser
2010 Le goût du chlore by Bastien Vivès
2010 Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli
2010 Essex County by Jeff Lemire
2011 Cinquemila chilometri al secondo & Mademoiselle Else by Manuele Fior
2011 Polina  by Bastien Vivès
2012 Stitches  by David Small
2012 Ergens waar je niet wil zijn  (aka The Wrong Place) by Brecht Evens
2012 New editions of I Never Liked You & The Little Man  by Chester Brown
2012 Morti di sonno  by Davide Reviati
2013 Habibi  by Craig Thompson
2013 Le bleu est une couleur chaude  by Julie Maroh
2013 Toen David zijn stem verloor  by Judith Vanistendael
2014 Vincent  by Barbara Stok
2014 Dalí  by Baudoin
2015 The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil  by Stephen Collins
2015 Mauvais genre  by Chloé Cruchaudet
2015 My Friend Dahmer  by Derf Backderf
2017 Ibicus  by Pascal Rabaté
2017 Here  by Richard McGuire
2017 Seconds  by Bryan Lee O'Malley
2018 Panter  by Brecht Evans

Illustrated Korean Short Fiction
2018 "Take-out" series (twenty volumes)