Roberto Bolaño
- Chile
- 1953~2003
- Published by Open Books since 2010
- 14 titles to date
- Most popular title: By Night in Chile (Nocturno de Chile)
- Latest release: El secreto del mal   in 2018

In early 2009, Open Books decided to jump on the Bolaño Express by seizing the chance to publish his works in a quite comprehensive 12-book deal. Korean readers will be taken on a journey from Chile to Mexico City, through the Sonora desert, and from there all the way to Europe following in the footsteps of Arturo Belano and Ulises Lima and the many other characters who populate the rich universe of Roberto Bolaño's novels.

Open Books started its Bolaño series with By Night in Chile in February 2010, followed by the novels Amulet and Distant Star as well as the author's first collection of stories Llamadas telefónicas.

The Korean translation of By Night in Chile (Nocturno de Chile) gathered critical acclaim and the novel was selected as novel of the year 2010 by the national daily newspaper Hankyoreh. The landmark novel The Savage Detectives was published in June 2012, and the author’s magnum opus 2666 in 2013. Later, Open Books acquired three additional Bolaño titles, including the collection of poems Los perros románticos which was published in a bilingual (Spanish-Korean) edition in 2018.

Spain-based Cuban artist Ajubel has created original cover artwork for all the titles in the Bolaño collection.

Open Books also published the bestselling novel Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas in 2010, in which Roberto Bolaño helps the author finish writing his novel.

Works by Roberto Bolaño in translation from Open Books (with year of publication of the Korean edition)
Nocturno de Chile (2010)
Amuleto (2010)
Estrella distante (2010)
Llamadas telefónicas (2010)
Los detectives salvajes (2012)
El Tercer Reich (2013)
El gaucho insufrible (2013)
2666 (2013)
Monsieur Pain (2013)
Amberes (2014)
La pista de hielo (2014)
Putas asesinas (2014)
Los perros románticos (2018)
El secreto del mal (2018)