Sebastian Faulks
- United Kingdom
- Born 1953
- Published by Open Books since 2005
- 5 titles to date
- Most popular title: Birdsong
- Latest release: Devil May Care in 2011

Bestselling British novelist and journalist Sebastian Faulks joined the Open Books family in 2005 when Open Books published both the critically acclaimed WWI epic Birdsong and the nostalgic cold war novel On Green Dolphin Street. The A-to-Z experimental novel A Fool's Alphabet was published in 2006, followed by Faulks' romantic novel The Girl at the Lion d'Or in 2007.

In 2008, Faulks took up the challenge of writing as Ian Fleming and the resulting James Bond novel, Devil May Care, is as thrilling and racy as it gets. With UK sales setting a new record, the book won the Popular Fiction Award at the 2009 British Book Awards. The novel was published in Korea in 2011 to the great delight of the country's many fans of the 007 series.

The Korean Publishers Association selected A Fool's Alphabet in its 2007 list of recommended books for teenage readers.

Works by Sebastian Faulks in translation from Open Books (with year of publication of the Korean edition)
Birdsong (2005)
On Green Dolphin Street
A Fool's Alphabet
The Girl at the Lion d'Or
Devil May Care