The Complete Works of E.M. Forster
- Published in 2006
- 7 volumes
- 2,744 pages
Edward Morgan Forster (1879-1970) is one of the major British novelists of the 20th Century, a great stylist and humanist who set his heart on denouncing class difference and social hypocrisy.

In the 1980's and 1990's, several classic novels by E.M. Forster gained a new resonance internationally through successful films such as the 1984 cinematographic adaptation of the classic novel A Passage to India, the 1991 adaptation of the author's debut Where Angels Fear to Tread, and of course A Room with a View and Howard's End adapted in 1985 and 1992 respectively by award-winning director James Ivory. Nonetheless, in the early 2000's, still only a couple of E.M. Forster's novels (Howard's End and A Passage to India) had been translated into Korean when Open Books started to plan for the publication of a complete collection of novels and short stories by the British writer.

The first two novels of the collection, A Room with a View and Maurice, were published in 2005 and the remaining four novels in 2006, along with a volume of stories, namely the translation of the 1947 Collected Short Stories. Open Books' E.M. Forster Complete Works were praised as a finely translated and beautifully packaged collection of great classic British novels.